Family Photo Session 2012 - 04

Hi there and thanks for stopping in.  Hopefully you have found your way here through a spark of interest in my work.  I am a mom to two amazing boys and have an unconditionally supportive; loving husband.  Miami, FL is where I call home but am willing to travel if necessary to accomplish my client’s vision for their family session.  I focus on specializing in children and family photography .  (For wedding photography, I do work as a second shooter for Thompson Photography Group, based out of Wellington, Florida.)

Photography is a passion and an endless escape for my creative drives.  There is something about creating art with memories that absolutely blows my mind and when I see life through a lens, the creative options are endless.  There is a clean & organic approach to my photography style and that shows with my post processing as well.  Black and white photography nudges at me to tell a story through dramatic shades of depth and light.  You will see that I am attracted to outdoor, natural light photography and feel that my work is portrayed best without a conventional approach in my sessions.  Feel free to contact me so we can talk about the hopes and visions for your family portrait session.


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